Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New house = more expenses

We bought our first condo unit during our 3 weeks stay in KL. This is going to be our home when we finally go back to KL for good coming September. So, we need a lot of money to do renovation now. At first, we thought that since we are getting euro monthly, and the exchange rate was pretty good (during that time lah!), we decided to save up most of our money here so that when we go back to Malaysia by September, after the exchange, we can have enough money for the renovation.

Oh boy, the decision was so wrong! If you are aware with the exchange rate, you should have notice that the exchange rate for Euro to RM is dropping... dropping dramatically! From almost 1 euro to RM5.10 to RM4.30! Such a big different! Errr... I should have invest my money in GOLD! My mother always told me that gold is proved to be a successful method of preserving value. Should have do more study on buy gold bullion earlier!!


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